"Dr. Sharp’s Cenegenic’s program changed my life. I feel young again, with a vengeance. I have the energy and the attitude to do what I want to do. The results are amazing."

-S.B., Age 55

“I’ve been on the program for over three years now and I can’t express how much being on the Cenegenics program has meant to me, my overall sense of well-being, physical shape and appearance as well as the 20lb weight loss I’ve been able to obtain and maintain. The support and service I receive from Dr. Sharp is another added plus on top of the other benefits of the program.”

-T.D., Age 44

“At age 43 I began to see a decline in both my strength and endurance. I felt like I was in great physical shape however I was losing my edge. A colleague recommended I see Dr. Sharp based on his reputation and their results. I was most impressed by the depth of the examination and the review of my health evaluation. Dr. Sharp’s wellness regimen proved to me that I had not reached my potential both mentally and physically. With the help of a nutritionist, Dr. Sharp has customized a diet plan that has changed the way I look and feel. I recommend Dr. Sharp to all my friends and patients.”

-B.W., Age 44

“When I first came to Dr. Sharp, I was a typical middle-aged guy who had let his body gradually fall apart. In the first year of his care, my body fat dropped, my stamina improved and I felt like ten years had been shaved off. Since then my physical and mental have continued to improve. Dr. Sharp and Cenegenics deliver results.”

-J.M., Age 60

“Four  years ago, at the age of 55, I was beginning to feel frail and I was starting to struggle with normal physical activities. Exercise alone was not getting the results I wanted and only served as a reminder that I was becoming old and frail. Dr. Sharp was my primary care physician for 5 years prior to Cenegenics and I trusted his judgment and thoroughness.  When he introduced Cenegenics I was intrigued with the program and decided to make a commitment to try it for one year to evaluate in my health, strength and stamina. After 4 ½ years on the program I look and feel younger plus my overall health is much better including fewer and less severe colds. Cenegenics is a lifestyle choice that I will continue.”

-S.K., Age 59

“This program really works! I was tired of being over -weight and feeling run down all the time. I started the program with the intention of losing weight mostly, but received much more from it. As long as you are willing to work with Dr. Sharp and follow the program, I think you can achieve your goals. I have lost the weight I intended to lose, and increase my over-all strength. The program also teaches you about the importance of eating correctly (which is huge). I didn’t use the term diet, because it is not one. I probably eat more now than I did before. You’re taught the proper nutrition you need to build your body up. My eating habits have improved and I feel so much healthier because you are eating the proper foods to increase your strength and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just give this program a try and I think you’ll be amazed at the results!!”

-D.D., Age 56

“I’m writing this letter of testimony regarding my experience and relationship with Dr. Patrick Sharp.  I’m 54 years old and have known Dr Sharp for over three years.  He has been absolutely great to work with; he is very responsive to one’s questions and needs.  This is very much like a coach player relationship. He works with you to help you achieve your goals!  I can call him anytime that I have a question or concern, whether I’m here in Tulsa or out traveling.  This is a great convenience.  This alone is worth the cost! I can’t believe how much muscle I have gained on his program. I feel great.  My endurance and enthusiasm have returned to the level I felt 15 years ago.  The beauty about this program is it becomes a lifestyle. It’s not about what you do without, but that moderation is good in all things.  As I head into the future, I know it will be important to be in the best possible shape that I can be, so as to handle the challenges that face us down the road.  I don’t want to be the person worried about going down the road. I would rather look forward to going down the road with experiences and adventures to accomplish!  To do this, you need a team to support you.  I have Dr Sharp, Lester Phillips and their staff as a critical part of my team!  Good Luck!”

-M.B., Age 54

“I am a long-term Cengenics patient for one reason:  The results achieved through working with Dr. Pat Sharp and his team at the Cenegenics Clinic of Tulsa.  In a time where cultural forces are commoditizing medicine and parceling out health care to only treat disease, now more than ever it is necessary to take responsibility for your own health, wellness and physical vitality.  Since beginning the Program, I have lost 15 pounds, 2 inches on my waist, have more energy, focus and stamina than ever, have added muscle mass, definition and strength through more robust exercise training and have a spouse ten years my younger who is genuinely into me!  Aside from the personal benefits of Cenegenics, I am making an investment in preventing illness by mitigating the risk of degenerative disease working closely with Dr. Sharp and his team on a personalized plan for my well being.  In addition to the Program benefits, Dr. Sharp, as my personal physician, is highly responsive and exceptionally skilled to address all of my medical issues and is just a phone call away.  This level of investment is consistent with my standards as a businessman and senior executive of my own company.  If you expect the best from yourself, you really can’t afford not to invest in Cenegenics”

-J.F., Age 49

“About a year and a half ago I started with Dr. Sharp and the Cenegenics program. I am a 57 year old male and while in general good health, I had been feeling like I had no energy or desire for activities I previously enjoyed and even felt like I was having some issues with mild depression. I was having trouble keep weight off too. I was very active most of my life but the last 10-12 years I spent more time on the computer and in the car with my work. My business has grown over the last few years to a point where I have been literally consumed with work with no time for myself.

I met Dr. Sharp and enrolled in the Cenegenics program. I started with testosterone as well as a modified vitamin and exercise program. I made minimal adjustments with my diet and stopped smoking. At that time I weighed in at 360lbs and I am 6’4”. The effects were almost immediate. The first thing I noticed was I was sleeping better and going to sleep easier. I am very much a type “A” personality and “easily excitable” in the words of my family. I became more relaxed and able to cope better within the first few months. My strength and subsequently my workouts increased dramatically. At the end of the first year, I realized I was no longer getting sick with minor allergies and colds that had become almost a monthly occurrence. I have not been sick one day since I started the program.

Today I have gone from a 50 waist size to a 44 with little change in my diet. I did stop drinking cola products and drink mainly water, tea and coffee. My blood pressure, cholesterol and other markers are all down or greatly improved. My skin tone is better and I have seen a decrease in small wrinkles. My sex life is better and my overall outlook is much more positive. I am extremely satisfied with my results and plan on continuing as long as possible with the program. Dr. Sharp is extremely knowledgeable and always available.  In today’s society, it is hard to find someone who actually cares about your well being. That is of great importance to me. I have yet to present a problem or have a question that he has not been able to take care of and he seems to genuinely care about my well being.

I would highly recommend Dr. Sharp and the Cenegenics program.”

-S.O., Age 57