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At Sharp Clinic, we’re more than just a men’s clinic. Our mission is to provide each patient with individualized care to have a more healthy, youthful and vigorous mind and body. Dr. Patrick Sharp, a renowned and recognized age management doctor, has extensive training in a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to age management.

Cenegenics is a proactive, preventive approach to aging. It is about having the healthiest body and cognitive abilities at every age. People are living longer than ever before, and want to make the most of their years. Overall health, well-being, and longevity is the medical care of the future. The Sharp Clinic in Tulsa Oklahoma provides individualized health regimens to help the patient accomplish exactly that.

The benefits include:
– Lean muscle gain
– Fat loss
– Better skin tone and elasticity
– Improved cognitive function
– Improved cholesterol scores
– Improved sex drive

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What Our Clients Say


Age 60

“When I first came to Dr. Sharp, I was a typical middle-aged guy who had let his body gradually fall apart. In the first year of his care, my body fat dropped, my stamina improved and I felt like ten years had been shaved off. Since then my physical and mental have continued to improve. Dr. Sharp and Cenegenics deliver results.”


Age 55

"Dr. Sharp’s Cenegenic’s program changed my life. I feel young again, with a vengeance. I have the energy and the attitude to do what I want to do. The results are amazing."


Age 44

“I’ve been on the program for over three years now and I can’t express how much being on the Cenegenics program has meant to me, my overall sense of well-being, physical shape and appearance as well as the 20lb weight loss I’ve been able to obtain and maintain. The support and service I receive from Dr. Sharp is another added plus on top of the other benefits of the program.”

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